ResilientDB - PBFT Commit Algorithm

Allow this article to be a comprehensive introduction into the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus Protocol (PBFT) through the lens of the ResilientDB codebase. We will detail the sequences and algorithms which encompass the protocol and encourage the readers to explore the rigorous math proofs afterwards. The true power of this proto...

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ResilientDB - Passing Custom Messages

If you are interested in sending new types of messages from replica -> replica, then do this: Defining Your Message Here will be an example of of new type of message called SCAN_MSG. Each message must be inherited from the class Message. We must define the following pure virtual functions: class ScanMessage : public Message { public: ...

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ResilientDB - Getting Started

ResilientDB is a permissioned blockchain fabric developed by the developers at the Exploratory Systems Lab at UC Davis. It makes use of the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus Protocol (PBFT) and as a result follows a primary-backup model where each participant identity is known a priori. Clients are to send their requests to the design...

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